Our journal Avtomatica i Informatica gives you the opportunity of information exchange and advertisement of products and services to present companies' profiles and to establish connections with Bulgarian customers and partners.
We can publish materials under the prices:
* 1 and 4 covers - 1.33 $/cm2
* 2 and 3 title-pages - 1.00 $/cm2
* inside the journal - 0.67 $/cm2

for a single publication.
Reduction of costs till 20% is obtained for sequential publications in two or more volumes.

One page materials are charged 50$ for color printing and 30$ - for black and white.

First cover sheet (400 cm2) is charged 500 USD for a single and 400 USD for multiple publications.

The price for the third cover sheet (500 cm2) is 500 USD for a single publication and
400 USD for multiple ones.