John Atanasoff Union of Automation and Informatics




The John Atanasoff Union of Automation and Informatics (UAI) is a nongovernmental, non-profit society of the specialists in the field of automation and informatics in Bulgaria. It was founded in 1990 by initiative group of leading specialists in this scientific and professional area.

UAI has strengthened his position as the biggest scientific and technical organization in the country till now. The most prominent Bulgarian scientists and specialists in the area of Automation and Informatics are members of UAI. A lot of scientific and educational organizations and departments, private and state companies all over the country are also members of UAI. The Union was registered as a society - a juridical person, and it is not business oriented. The office of UAI is in the building of NDNT Sofia.

The Union is a foundation member of the Federation of the Scientific Engineering Unions /FNTS/ and a member of CEPIS (Council of European Professional Informatics Societies); trough FNTS, UAI is a member of IFAC and of FEANI (European Federation of National Engineering Associations). The Union has a contract for collaboration with IEEE. UAI makes contacts and collaboration with related societies and institutions in the country and abroad.



UAI's objectives are:

1.    To join the efforts of its members to take an active part in decision making and activities related to the progress in economics, scientific studies and their applications in the country, in the name of the national prosperity and the universal human values.

2.    To represent and defend the creative professional interests and the public prestige of its members before state, social and business institutions in the country and abroad.

3.    To create conditions for its members to increase constantly their knowledge, qualification and professional skills.

4.    To represent the community of the specialists of automation and informatics in similar international and foreign organizations and to assist in making and developing active contacts in the international scientific life.


Membership in UAI

Membership in UAI means supporting of stable professional and business contacts, assistance in seeking professional realization in our country and abroad, mutual information and support, aid of dealing with the problems and guide-lines for progress of Automatics and Informatics.


1.    All Bulgarian and foreign physical and juridical persons, working in the area of Automatics and Informatics and accepting the statute of UAI, has right to be UAI members.

2.    The membership in UAI is not an obstacle for membership in other creative-professional organizations.

3.    The members of UAI have the following rights:

Ø      Reduced fees for participation in scientific activities, organized by UAI, and for publishing in journal Information Technologies and Control;

Ø      To apply for specialization-abroad grants provided by fund G. Genev of FNTS.

Ø      Using free of charge information materials, Bulgarian and foreign literature, scientific video films.

Ø      Owing to the membership of FNTS in FEANI, the UAI members can receive diploma European Engineer.

4.    The members of UAI physical or juridical persons, are accepted at their request (application) by the structural sections or the leading bodies of UAI. The membership in UAI is identified by a membership card (for the physical persons) or by a letter-certificatory (for the juridical persons).

5.    The members of UAI can be members of unlimited number of structural sections of the Union, but they pay their membership fees only in one place.


The annual membership fee for 2018 year for the members-physical persons is:

Ø      Category A 20 lv. (with getting the journals Automatics and Informatics and Information Technologies and Control)

Ø      Category 15 lv. (with getting one of the journals at choice)

Ø      Category 10 lv.

Ø      For students, pensioners and unemployed the membership fee is with 50% reduction.

Ø      For juridical persons the membership fees are negotiable, but not less than 100 lv.


UAIs Structure

Organizational structure of UAI is based on the principles of voluntariness, democracy and common interests, by initiative of the members of UAI.

1.    The UAI members can be united voluntary in associations, clubs, sections, and regional and national organizations based on territorial, production or scientific interest.

2.    Structural units of UAI carry out their activities independently in accordance with the Statute and the decisions of the leading bodies of UAI.

National creative-professional organizations being members of UAI are:

* Academic Community of Computer Systems and Information Technologies (ACCSI). One of the most interesting and useful initiatives of this Community is the creating of Bulgarian Virtual University as an integral part of the European and World educational space. Since 2000 year ACCSI has organized annual international conference on computer systems and technologies - CompSysTech.

* Bulgarian Chapter of IFAC (International Federation of Automatic Control), which presents Bulgaria in IFAC and coordinates conducting of joined or patronized by IFAC activities.

* IEEE Joint Chapter of Bulgaria IM/CS/SMC

* v (HDL) Society




The work of the Union is directed by the General Assembly of delegates, which normally meet once every three years. Between the General Assemblies the Union is managed by a Management Board. It selects Chairman, vice-chairmen and Executive Board and it is controlled by Union Control Council. The operative work is supervised by Executive director and a Secretary.

Awards and encouragements

The members of UAI as well as other juridical and physical persons and foreign citizens, can be awarded with the title Honored member of UAI for long and active work and special merits in the name of the automation and informatics in the country and all over the world.


Basic activities

1.    Organizing scientific conferences, symposia, workshops, discussions, etc;

The UAI will carry out the following activities during 2018 year:

-         International Conference CompSysTech 21 - 22 June 2018,

-         Days devoted to John Atanasoff, together with the International Conference Automatics and Informatics 3 - 5.10.2018, Sofia

-         International symposium Control of Energy, Industrial and Ecological Systems May 2018


2.    Spreading scientific and technical information, and publishing literature, reference books and other information materials:

- Journal Automatica and Informatics (it has been issued since 1967) deals with the problems of the applications of scientific and technical achievements into practice, business, and scientific and technical policy of the country in the whole area of automatics and informatics. Announcements of new production, technical systems, control instrumentation and business information are published as well.

- Journal Information Technologies and Control (it has been issued since 2003 in English) publishes original scientific and applied surveys, analyses and papers by Bulgarian and foreign authors.

3.    Business-information services, presentations and seminars of companies and activities, professional contacts, advertisements, etc.;

4.    Training and re-qualification;

One of the new and most notable activities is applying the European standard for computer skills (ECDL).

ECDL is recommended by the European Commission as a basic certificate in computer skills of inhabitants of European Union countries. As a member of CEPIS and of a consortium ECDL Bulgaria, compound by organizations within the FNTS, UAI participates actively in applying the standard in Bulgaria.

5.    Club UAI monthly meetings in Sofia, Plovdiv and other places

6.    International collaboration



Contact us:

John Atanasoff Union of Automation and Informatics, 1000 Sofia, 108 G. S. Rakovsky Street, rooms 415 and 413, tel./fax (++ 359 2 )987 61 69, e-mail: